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Intelligent Claims & Case Management

Claims management software for property repair, building restoration and emergency response markets.

Case Study

EDM Group Ltd were delighted that leading claims management and building services business, MA Assist, selected Pulse as their case management system of choice. After extensive research and due diligence in the claims software market, Pulse was selected as it offered MA Assist the best solution for their stakeholders including clients, network partners and staff.


MA Assist

EDM Group Ltd and MA Assist worked closely together to ensure that Pulse offered a seamless transition from their existing system to the new system. Managing Director of MA Assist, Paul Hayman, said "I am delighted to be implementing the Pulse Claims Management Software to support my business. We are a growing and ambitious business with an ability to respond rapidly to changing market requirements and Pulse was the solution that could meet our needs. We are also able to take advantage of emerging technologies such as mobile applications and we look forward to working with the Pulse product".

Chief Digital Officer at EDM Group Ltd, Chris Hall, commented "EDM Group Ltd is delighted to be working with MA Assist to support their reputation for excellent customer service and innovation. Pulse is one of the first cloud based enterprise software solutions in the insurance industry and MA Assist will be able to take advantage of the functionality and scalability it offers".



Pulse replaced their existing MULTIACCESS system following a planned run off and transfer of claims over a three month period.

What did this mean for MA Assist Clients?

  • Pulse has an improved user interface, improved management information capabilities and real time service level agreement reporting for all users.
  • With Pulse MA Assist can interface with clients’ systems more easily, therefore improving communication and efficiency.
  • Business as usual performance from MA Assist.
  • Pulse maintains transparency for MA Assist's clients.

Why did MA Assist select Pulse as its claims system of choice?

  • MA is investing for the future in technology that will sustain their appetite for innovation.
  • MA want to ensure they can manage their future needs efficiently and are better equipped to cope in surge situations with significantly improved mobile applications.
  • Pulse is easier to integrate into client systems and back office/accounting systems.
  • Pulse is able to deliver enhanced management information and ease of reporting.


Network Partners

Pulse replaced MA's existing TP-EXTRANET system following the planned run off and transfer of claims over three months.

What did this mean for MA Assist network partners?

  • Pulse has an improved user interface, improved management information capabilities and real time service level agreement reporting for all users.
  • Pulse has improved resource and project planning with online diary management.
  • Pulse has improved financial information and can integrate with your own finance systems.
  • Network partners will be able to easily extract reports from Pulse.
  • Business as usual performance from MA Assist.

Continued Success

Over the past four years the MA Group have extended their use of the Pulse claims workflow system to include regular updates from EDM Group Ltd, these include:

Desktop Validation Workflow which utilises the experience and specialist technical knowledge of on-site engineers to provide a call center based service that delivers an impartial and cost effective decision-making process for the assessment of Insurer's liability, cause and repair cost. In both commercial and domestic property claims this enables a rapid response to Insurer instructions, through the identification of damage and an accurate assessment of Insurance Policy liability. With the information gathered a considered, cost effective and immediate decision can be made to either fulfil, cash settle or repudiate the claim according to the claims philosophy of the instructing Insurer.

Enhanced Desktop Scoping which allows for a detailed and accurate schedule of work to be quickly and easily created by suppliers. This enables a central claims coordinator to make an intelligent assessment of the claim and propose the appropriate settlement strategy. This feature reduces the likelihood of scoping anomalies which not only results in higher customer satisfaction but also provides more detailed management information for the Insurer.

"With the Market requiring an ever changing mix of fulfilment and settlement options it's important that Pulse can continue to deliver a workflow solution across all aspects of the claims process for insurers and their business partners. Pulse ensures that the scope and cost of a claim is managed within a tightly controlled environment, reducing the claims lifecycle whilst always treating the customer fairly." Chris Hall, Chief Digital Officer at EDM Group Ltd

Paul Hayman, MD, MA Assist, talks about how Pulse has transformed their claims' management system.


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